A local Utah photography & adventure company that specializes in astro photography, became our very first customers and eventual partners. Together, we aspire to reach those heights which were never scaled, capture those moments which were only available to the cameras of space organizations.

eXtreme and Photog Adventures

eXtreme and Photog Adventures

flight uno

Mission - fly cameras into space and capture the milky way from above the atmosphere and light pollution.

Challenge - stability and retrieval guarantee.

eXtreme Space Adventures has taken up this challenge to provide stable and secure engineering to Photog for capturing the stunning milky way. The first of the series of flights was completed on 22nd Oct with good success and amazing learning.

Photog Adventures send their GoPro cameras to Space with the help of the guys behind Extreme Space Adventures! Launched from Nevada the GoPros fly to the Stratosphere, capture beautiful images from the edge of Space then land 8-miles from the nearest road in the Mud Flats west of the Great Salt Lake.

the partnership

Photography is a natural outcome of space flights. No two flights are same and at eXtreme, we believe that every flight presents an one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture mesmerizing Earth and Space. Photog brings extreme photography value to the partnership through their ability, equipment and ton of experience. The eXtreme team has years if near space flying experience with innovative engineering. We aim to merge these qualities and create an out of this world experience for our customers who aspire to fly with us to edge of the atmosphere.