Fly your company's logo or product into space. Professional setup, creative team, innovative ideas for marketing campaigns and ads

4K video and High-Def Images. Guaranteed recovery

Fully customizable payload system to support most payload requirements

Conduct your high atmospheric experiments, college projects, global warming research at low cost and high flexibility

Space Race is the first to be in space. Create, elevate and market your products...

10+ years of flight experience. Amongst the first helium balloon fliers!


stable, shake free and secure

mesmerizing earth-space backgrounds

FAA compliant flights

Space is the last frontier. Don't be left behind, get up there now.



advertising campaigns

Fly your product, logo, business name to space. Our payloads allow great backgrounds...check our gallery for real photos.

Under $399

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We fly DSLR, GoPro, Point-n-Shoot, Camcorders. Check the details page for size and weight restrictions and pricing. We offer camera rentals for your convenience.

Under $199

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research projects

A science school/college project, temp/pressure studies or just about any experiment...we have a low cost and quick solution.

Under $ 499

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Be it corporate events, promotional events or even personal special days, come fly and organize in a unique way.

Under $699

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