Awesome adventures...journey so far !!


It all started when...

High altitude helium ballooning has been around for the past 30+ years. Couple of students from a reputed university did a flight to stratosphere as a science project, that triggered us to take up helium powered space flights in 2009. Thus started the first of our flight programs - Pegasus.

Project Pegasus I was focused on achieving 100,000 feet burst altitude at a very low cost and with high consistency. Team ESA conducted 4 flights as part of this program. The very first flight launched successfully, but landed on top of a 10,000 feet mountain in Utah's carbon county making it inaccessible for retrieval. It still lies there waiting for us to visit it one of these days.

Project Pegasus II was the first successful flight which was launched from Fort Collins in Colorado (north of Denver) in Nov 2009. The flight reached 108,000 feet and traveled a distance of 64 miles from its launch site. Mobile phone and SPOT messenger assisted in tracking the payload upon landing.

Pegasus III was an assignment from a French artist Maxime Rossi who tasked Team ESA to fly his HD video camera to high altitude and drop it in a specific angle such that it attains rotational movement on its way down, capturing Sun and Earth in circular rotation.