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Since 2009, we have been conducting helium powered flights into the earth's stratosphere. Our payloads have carried cameras, micro-computers, sensors, loggers, scientific equipment into near-space. We offer extremely low cost, highly reliable flights for photographers who want to capture out of this world scenes and for science groups, labs, students who need to conduct experiments in space.

Layers of earth's atmosphere gives context of the burst altitude...

Layers of earth's atmosphere gives context of the burst altitude...


Our Mission

Our mission is to keep testing the limits, expand capabilities beyond possibilities and develop low cost solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. Space belongs to everyone and we aspire to transform these dreams into reality, with an affordable and sustainable solution. Our platform would enable anyone from corporates, families to individuals, to get their products, moments, thoughts, wishes and even cameras to the edge of space and back.

If you aim to work hard then sky is the limit, but if you aim to work smart, sky is no longer the limit...!!
— Team ofto

What We've Achieved

  • Fool-proof engineering
  • 99.9% retrieval success
  • Fail-safe launch and landing
  • Flights in most weather conditions
  • Go Pro, Nikon and Canon photography
  • Low cost flights
  • High quality video and images
  • Advanced continuous tracking